Premium Speed Skipping Rope with Steel Bearings - Black

Get your heart racing in a few minutes with a speed rope. The skipping rope is an effective conditioning tool for a quick but challenging workout in a limited space, anywhere, anytime.

There are many advantages for using a speed skipping rope including boosting agility, endurance, coordination, knee health and more. This impact exercise allows you to push off the balls of your feet to reduce the repetitive shocks that can be caused from running.

Perfect for working out your heart and lungs, kick start your sessions with a Speed Skipping Rope. Available in a few different designs, click here to view our range of speed ropes.


  • High Quality, Smooth Turning Rope
  • Adjustable with Long Handles
  • Great Impact Exercise
  • Ideal for a Heart Pumping Workout in Limited Space
  • Promotes Knee Health
  • Improves Agility, Endurance and Coordination
  • Effective Conditioning Tool


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