90lb Slam Ball.

This high quality MA1 Slam Ball is perfect for strength and neuromuscular conditioning.

For those who think squats, lunges and walking are too easy, challenge yourself with a Dead Ball and feel the extra burn. Not only great for throwing and slamming exercises, these Slam Balls are more resistant to rolling around then medicine balls so they are ideal for perfecting those balancing exercises. 

In a range of different weights to suit different fitness levels and exercises, Click here to see our vast range of Slam Balls and don’t forget to contact us for bulk pricing!



Our slam balls comes with a 6 months warranty. If there is an issue outside of the normal wear and tear, which was not caused by improper use, email us via admin@ma1.com.au or fill in the form on our contact page, we will respond to you as soon as we can and help resolve the issue. *Please note an invoice or proof of purchase may be required.

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