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5kg Bulgarian Training Bag with Yellow Straps.

Train your upper, lower body and grip strength with a Bulgarian Training Bag. Equipped with easy to recognise coloured straps, selecting the correct weight bag is easy.

Designed to be used in a swinging and spinning motion, you can use the exterior handles to build grip strength and work your upper body. Because the Bulgarian training bags are soft, they are safe to use as added weight with the straps to increase the difficulties of squats, push ups, bounding exercises and more.

Great for varying your sessions and challenging your coordination, strength and agility, these Bulgarian Training Bags will keep you moving.


  • Designed to be Swung, Thrown and Caught
  • Safe for Increasing Bodyweight for Push Ups, Squats and More
  • Increases Muscular Endurance and Coordination
  • Improves Grip Strength, Coordination and overall Shoulder and Joint Mobility
  • Strengthens Core and Rotational Muscles
  • Builds Strength and Agility

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