Complete Medicine Ball Set - Versatile and Portable Training, Anytime, Anywhere. 

This set of high quality, rubber, two tone colour medicine balls are perfect for dynamic strength and conditioning training.  Medicine balls are primarily used for rehabilitation and injury strength prevention, however med balls are also great for increasing speed, power, strength and acceleration. Portable, you can work out any time, any place. Versatile and cost effective way to train, these 2 tone medicine balls are a great value for money. 

This Full Set of Medicine Balls consists of:

  • 1kg Medicine Ball
  • 2kg Medicine Ball
  • 3kg Medicine Ball
  • 4kg Medicine Ball
  • 5kg Medicine Ball
  • 6kg Medicine Ball
  • 7kg Medicine Ball
  • 8kg Medicine Ball

Available in a range of weights to suit your fitness level, Click here to see our large range of Medicine Balls and don’t forget to contact us for bulk pricing!

Specific Benefits: 

  • Ideal for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
  • Trains All Round Strength
  • Increases Power, Speed and Acceleration
  • Highly Portable and Versatile
  • Cost Effective


Our Medicine Balls  come with a 12 month warranty. If there is an issue outside of the normal wear and tear, which was not caused by improper use, email us via admin@ma1.com.au or fill in the form on our contact page, we will respond to you as soon as we can and help resolve the issue.

*Please note an invoice or proof of purchase may be required

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