Tone and build your your body with a Lat Bar Attachment. Perfect for obtaining a perfect sculpture strong back to help you reduce injury risk and stand taller with confidence, lat exercise are popular and available in most gyms.

Set with several grips to suit a range of lat exercises, the wider your grip is, the more you are working on your lats.

Designed to be suitable with any machine with a high or low pulley cable attachment, this lat bar is ideal for close grip rows and pulldowns, curls and pressdowns. 

Durable and strong, you can rely on this Lat Bar Attachment. Click here to see our large range of attachments and don't forget to contact us for bulk pricing!


  • Chrome Finish with Solid Steel Construction
  • Durable Rubber Grips
  • Strengthen Arms and Chest
  • Builds Lats and Core Muscles
  • Gain Unique Muscle Tone and Capacity
  • Several Grips for a Range of Exercises
  • Ideal for Close Grip Rows and Pulldowns, Curls and Pressdowns. 



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